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A Brief note to Gillette or, How Not to Respond to Positive Reviewers


I have always felt that good experiences should be shouted about as loudly as negative ones. I have probably spoken to call center supervisors, and written letter to companies about positive experiences twice as often as I have about negative, and I’ve found it to be one of the most pleasurable things I can do.

I never expect anything back from these small gestures, it makes me happy just to do them, having said that, it’s always lovely to know that your gesture is at least acknowledged. Knowing how the impact of these positive responses can be amplified online, into something more than a compliment,  I found I had to say something about my recent experience with Gillette.

I recently purchased the new Gilette Venus pro skin. The decision to buy one was delayed by the numerous poor reviews, both on their own site, and elsewhere online, but, inline with my philosophy of try anything once, I went ahead and bought the razor. I loved it, and, as I try to do whenever I have something positive to say, I went and posted a review. Then followed, Nothing. I got an automated response stating that my comment would be moderated, and that was pretty much it.

Not only did I not receive any sort of thank you for my glowing review, refuting many of the negative comments others had made, but I didn’t even receive confirmation that my review had been posted to their site. That was the end of my advocacy for Gillette. It would have been so simple to turn me from a positive reviewer to an advocate for life. So I thought I would give Gillette a couple of pointers on how they could have amplified that positive message, and the others they received.  Gillette if you’re listening, here’s what you could have done differently;

  1. How about a nice personalized response to my review thanking me for my time
  2. Or if that was too difficult, just an email confirming my review had gone live?
  3. Responding to your positive reviewers as well as the negative would also be a great start to creating voices for your brand.
  4. A little thank you gift would have encouraged me to start telling my friends about what an amazing company you are
  5. Or an offer of a free razor to give to a friend
  6. You could have given me a discount code to share on social media, to give me even more incentive to share my experience with as many people as I could

Social media really does make it so easy to bask in the positive feelings towards your brand, to allow them to fester, unnoticed, is as big a social media faux pas as not responding to the negative. Take notice brands, it’s time to start worrying about the people who like you too!

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Author: ObsidianEdge

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  1. Bob Macleod on September 24, 2012 at 4:27 pm Reply

    thanks for the great advise. I’m just starting up my company and looking for any and all advise that is out there. this article about Gillette although is not going to make me buy one of their razors on any other razor for that matter, but it does highlight that even the biggest of companies need to learn some thing now and again.

    there is no need to respond to this comment but thank you for the advise and I will keep looking to see if there is any other great ideas that I could borrow from yourselves in my up coming adventure into company management.

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