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ObsidianEdge Marketing
ObsidianEdge is an integrated marketing consultancy located in Nampa, Idaho, offering a full range of digital solutions to help your business maximize online visibility.Our team has worked on successful campaigns in SEO, link building, online reputation management, PPC & social media for some of the worlds biggest brands, effectively maximizing revenue streams and Return On Investment (ROI) every step of the way.
A Balanced Approach
When you hire ObsidianEdge you don’t just get a consultant, you get people who truly understand the challenges you face implementing effective online marketing strategies, with people who have worked in-house for major international brands. We understand that sometimes internal considerations and budget effect how a campaign can be implemented and run, and we know that things aren’t always as simple as they seem. That’s why we pride ourselves on not just providing you with a strategy, but helping you turn that strategy into action, and most importantly results. We know how to balance the needs of your marketing campaign with the needs of your business, and most importantly, we can help you get where you need to go.
Integration & Implementation
Because we offer a full range of internet marketing services, we can ensure that your campaigns work together to increase effectiveness & reduce costs. Each member of our team has a range of skills which allows them to understand the implications that every single element of your marketing strategy can have on other areas of your marketing. With backgrounds in sales, PR, media buying and management, you can be sure that ObsidianEdge is always looking at the bigger picture, and working towards your long term goals.
Working With Us
If you would like to work with ObsidianEdge, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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